Yourself and your tattoo idea!

Any reference photos of tattoos or illustrations that you especially love for reference/style inspiration.

A $60 cash deposit to hold your tattoo appointment (I only take cash, our shop has an ATM).

What to bring to your consultation


The deposit will come off the final cost of your tattoo (i.e. if the tattoo is completed in two sessions the deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your second tattoo session). I require a minimum of 24 hours notice to reschedule tattoo appointments. Less then 24 hours will result in forfeiting your deposit as a cancelation or reschedule of less then 24 hours is extremely hard to fill.


If you are interested in getting a coverup, I will need to see the existent tattoo during our in-person consultation to evaluate what would work well to execute a coverup. I will never be able to commit to a coverup without first seeing what needs covering! Designing a coverup/re-work tattoo is very different from other tattoo design projects and generally speaking a coverup will need to be both larger and darker then the old tattoo tattoo it's covering. Flowers, birds, or furry creatures  for example often make for good coverup subjects as they lend themselves well to texture and shading.

I know it's hard for clients to guess how much something will cost – especially if you've never gotten custom drawn or larger tattoo before! My rate is $180/hour, and many tattoos you see in my portfolios are 3-6 hours of work (or more!).

After having an in-person consultation I can often supply a rough estimate of how long something will take to complete and therefore a ballpark idea how much it will cost.

Price & budget

On the day of your tattoo appointment

Getting tattooed is a lot like taking a test in school. It is best to show up well rested, well fed, wearing comfortable clothes (which allow complete access to the area to be tattooed), and ready to sit still. Feel free to bring along snacks, some water or juice, earbuds to listen to your favorite music, etc. Whatever helps you sit still will help me to do my job!

You are welcome to bring a friend/spouse etc. to your appointment if you'd like, however depending on space constraints/how many people are in the shop on the day of the appointment they may need to wait in the lobby for part of your tattoo appointment.